There's plenty to keep the young ones busy in Margaree.

If your would appreciate seeing trout and salmon in their natural habitat, check out the Margaree Fish Hatchery, and the Salmon Museum, At Margaree Forks, visit the U-Fish for some real beauties at the Old Miller Trout Farm; its ponds are stocked with Speckled and Rainbow trout, and you won't need a license to fish. You may bring equipment, or just bring yourself–limited fishing equipment is available for rental.


For motorized fun, the Lakes Resort in Lake O'Law has Go Karts as well as rental canoes, kayaks and paddleboats for enjoying the lake with dad and mom. For swimmers and hot days, there are lots of places to swim in Margaree, our roomy beaches on the coast, with lots of shallow water, and a number of sandy spots to swim (with supervision) on the Margaree River. As the river winds closer to the Harbour you will find the speed of the current tapers off. Local folks will always be able to tell you their favourite spots.

Don’t forget, paddle boards are available at CB West Paddle Boards


Got a big one!

If your kids are interested in machinery, you can tour the Larch Wood Enterprises mill in East Margaree, where butcher-block cutting boards are fabricated and juniper flooring is milled. And if you make your way to Margaree Harbour, late morning, the fishers come home with their catch and the sorting of live lobster follows.

they love our beaches...


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